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A simple, elegant, and adventurous

 wedding & elopement photography experience

The Dakotas & Wyoming & Montana & Colorado

   Welcome! I'm so grateful you found the home of my wedding and fine art photography. The theme here is radical authenticity and candor storytelling.

Instead of focusing on one mood to portray in all photographs, I strive to capture each individual story with the mood of the day and the place, and to create timeless, true and beautifully 'you' photographs. 

I'm based in Sundance, WY and travel with minimal costs to the surrounding states listed above.

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    My name is Tristen Polensky, and I create photographs of love stories, gritty lifestyles, and adventure. While my subjects and passions run far and wide, my niche is making photos that hold space for the viewer to feel something.

    The best work is created when I have a connection with my clients. I love thinking about photos as the result of a team effort between the photographer and the photographed. I go into each wedding day honored to be part of the transition that day represents, the doorway for two individuals. I'm along for your entire journey from the stresses of planning your dream event, to the last dance of the night, to the delivery of your gallery. I do whatever possible to ensure your photographs and experience with me are invaluable.

    My creative goal here is to make photographs that are stylish, timeless, and tell an emotional story. I prioritize your individual aesthetic above current trends. I swoon for the romantic and traditional and thrive on the weird and unique.

    My stomping grounds include the Dakotas and Wyoming, but I also serve Montana and Colorado. I hold a Bachelor's degree in photography and communication from Black Hills State University and am a full-time designer, writer, and photographer for the Tri-State Livestock News. I spend my free time hiking, climbing, and running in the Black Hills.


18th Annual Dahl Arts Center Mountain
Photo Exhibition


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